The Students in Twentieth Century Europe Research Network is designed to bring together academics and others interested in the history of students broadly defined. It aims to bring together scholars, activists, policy makers and interested parties from a variety of disciplines to develop a fuller understanding of the experience and importance of students across Europe throughout the twentieth century.

Across the UK, and more widely throughout the West, students are a ubiquitous presence in all major cities. Students are everywhere. They support numerous local businesses, from bookstores and record shops to restaurants and nightclubs. Increasingly too, students are an important part of the part-time workforce of these same establishments.

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Students in Twentieth Century Britain and Ireland.

Table of contents
1 Introduction – Jodi Burkett, Historicising Students in Twentieth Century Britain and Ireland
Part I – Student experiences and day-to-day life
2 Matthew Cheeseman, On the day-to-day experience of students
3 Dan Weinbren, Open learners: liberation through learning?
4 Jane O’Neill, ‘Education not fornication’? Sexual morality among students in Scotland, 1955-75
Part II – Student organisations and unions
5 Bertie Dockerill, “Forgotten Voices”: The debating societies of Durham and Liverpool, 1900-1939.
6 Mike Day,  The National Union of Students: Representing students across the four nations
7 Jeremy Harvey, Investigating the relationship between students and NUS Wales
Part III – Student networks and the wider community
8 Paul Long and Lauren Thompson, Sound, Gown and Town: Student Unions and UK Music Culture
9 Evan Smith, The Physical Limits of Free Speech: The ‘No Platform’ Policy of the National Union of Students in the 1970s
10 Jodi Burkett, ‘Don’t Bank on Apartheid’: Student involvement in the Anti-Apartheid campaign’
Part IV – Student activism: Reality and Theory
11 Steven Conlon, ‘The rise of student activism in Ireland: The lighting of a fire’
12 Sarah Browne, ‘Women are far too sweet for this kind of game’: Women, feminism and student politics in Scotland c. 1968-c. 1979’
13 Thierry M Luescher-Mamashela, ‘Altbach’s theory of student activism in the 20th century: Ten propositions that matter’

History & Policy recently published a paper

History & Policy recently published a paper written by Georgina Brewis, looking at the current refugee crisis in historical context, with a focus on the efforts of students and universities to aid refugee students in the past (eg fleeing Nazism, leaving Hungary in 1956 and Chile in 1973). It argues that in many of the major refugee crises of the twentieth century, special assistance for refugee students has formed part of the overall aid provision and calls for a greater response from today's higher education sector.

Student solidarity across borders

40th anniversary conference of the Social History Society (21st-23rd March 2016 in Lancaster)

40th anniversary conference of the Social History Society (21st-23rd March 2016 in Lancaster). 'Student Narratives' - thinking about the ways in which studenthood is discussed either by students themselves or in government/the public/press.

40th Anniversary Conference Lancaster University, 21-23 March 2016